Garry’s Mod Scripts

  • Releases                                            TO USE THE SCRIPTS PASTE THEM INTO NOTEPAD AND SAVE AS .LUA
    • Client Side
      • ASSChat.lua
      • AutoAim.lua
      • Description: An easy to use aimbot.
        Install into: addons/

        • aa_toggle: Toggles the aimbot on and off.
        • aa_enabled: 0/1 for disabled/enabled.
        • aa_friendlyfire: 0/1 to disable/enable targetting teammates.
        • aa_targetblocked: 0/1 to disable/enable targetting targets without line of sight.
        • aa_holdtarget: 0/1 to disable/enable only changing target when the current one is invalid.
        • aa_maxangle: Maximum angle between target and view to allow targets in.
        • aa_draw_maxangle: 0/1 to disable/enable showing max angle onscreen.
        • aa_crosshair: Size of the targetting crosshair.
        • aa_smoothspeed: Speed of smooth aiming. 0 to disable.
        • aa_autoshoot: Maximum distance to auto-shoot at targets. 0 to disable.
        • aa_snaponfire: 0/1 to disable/enable only altering viewangles when firing your weapon.
        • aa_namefilter: Only allow targets with this value in their name. Case sensitive.

        Notes: Most commands are configurable from the Options tab of the spawnmenu.

      • PlayerCompass.lua
      • Description: An onscreen “compass” to show you where players are.
        Install into: lua/autorun/client/

        • playercompass_toggle: Cycle through player filters/off.
        • playercompass_setsize: Sets the onscreen size of the compass.
        • playercompass_setsquaresize: Sets the size of the player squares on the compass.
        • playercompass_togglenames: Toggle showing names.

      • PlayerLights.lua
      • Description: Creates a circle of light around enemy team members.
        Install into: lua/autorun/client/

        • playerlights_enabled: 0/1 for disabled/enabled.
        • playerlights_brightness: Brightness of the lights.
        • playerlights_ff: 0/1 to disable/enable lights on teammates.
        • playerlights_size: Size of the lights.

      • PowerZoom.lua
      • Description: Overrides FOV giving a high powered scope usable anytime.
        Install into: lua/autorun/client/

        • +zoom_in: Zoom in.
        • +zoom_out: Zoom out.
        • zoom_reset: Resets zoom to default.

      • SpiritWalk.lua
      • Description: A clientside free roaming spectator mode.
        Install into: lua/autorun/client/

        • spiritwalk_toggle: Toggles SpiritWalk.
        • spiritwalk_setting_aimataim: 0/1 to disable/enable body aiming at spectator target.
        • spiritwalk_setting_flipping: 0/1 to disable/enable the view flipping completely over.
        • spiritwalk_setting_flash: 0/1 to disable/enable white flash on toggle.
        • spiritwalk_setting_tint: 0/1 to disable/enable blue screen tint when enabled.
        • spiritwalk_setting_marker: 0/1 to disable/enable body marker.
        • spiritwalk_setting_sounds: 0/1 to disable/enable sounds on toggle.

      • ViewAll
        • Screenshot 1.jpg
        • Screenshot 2.jpg
        • ViewAll.lua
        • Description: A simple wallhack.
          Install into: addons/

          • viewall_enabled: 0/1 for disabled/enabled.
          • viewall_material: 0/1 to disable/enable showing entities behind walls with a material.
          • viewall_fullbright: 0/1 to disable/enable fullbright on entities.
          • viewall_ff: 0/1 to disable/enable showing teammates.
          • viewall_items: 0/1 to disable/enable showing items.
          • viewall_npcs: 0/1 to disable/enable showing NPCs.

          Notes: This mod can impact FPS quite hard. Try disabling viewall_material if it’s really slow.

      • blockCommands.lua
      • expressEditor.lua
      • keypad.lua
      • Description: Steals keypad passwords, once they’ve been entered successfully once. Look at a keypad close range to see the password, if it has been retrieved.
        Install into: lua/autorun/client/
        Notes: Does not work with the updated keypad.
      • l33t.lua
      • Description: When enabled, will repeat anything anyone says in chat back to them, in l33tspeak.
        Install into: lua/autorun/client/

        • leet: 0/1 for disabled/enabled.

      • lounge.lua
      • onScreenBB.lua
      • Description: An “ESP” script that will draw boxes around players, NPCs, weapons and items, and show info about them.
        Install into: lua/autorun/client/

        • onscreenbb: 0/1 for disabled/enabled.
        • onscreenbb_ff: 0/1 to disable/enable showing teammates.
        • onscreenbb_fadelength: Maximum distance from center of screen before text is transparent.
        • onscreenbb_size: Size of corners on bounding boxes.
        • onscreenbb_npcs: 0/1 to disable/enable showing NPCs.
        • onscreenbb_weapons: 0/1 to disable/enable showing weapons.
        • onscreenbb_items: 0/1 to disable/enable showing items.
        • onscreenbb_showdead: 0/1 to disable/enable showing dead players/NPCs.
        • onscreenbb_maxshow: Maximum number of entities to enabled showing information on. -1 to disable.

      • Description: A piechart VGUI element for developers. Sample script is included.
        Install into: garrysmod/
      • showVIP.lua
      • Description: A script for Darkland FortWars that will show the position of the enemy VIPs.
        Install into: lua/autorun/client/
      • spawned.lua
      • vehicleView.lua
      • Description: Fixes the third person view in small vehicles being too close.
        Install into: lua/autorun/client

        • vehicleview_length: Minimum distance from the vehicle to view from.

    • Server Side
      • ASSmod Plugins
        • ass_ghost.lua
        • Description: A simple prop ghost plugin.
          Install into: lua/plugins/

          • !ghost: Toggle ghost with target prop.

          Notes: Admins can change the required access level in the ASSmod menu.

        • ass_teleport.lua
        • Description: A modification of PC Camps teleport plugin, adding chatcommands.
          Install into: lua/plugins/

          • /tele [name]: Teleport to player specified.
          • /bring [name]: Bring player specified.
          • /teletarget [name]: Teleport player specified to your target.

          Notes: Be specific with the name argument. The command will affect ALL players with the input in their name.

      • Developer Tools
        • privNWvars.lua
        • Description: Adds functions to the entity metatable to allow you to create networked variables that are only send to certain players.
          Install into: shared

          • Serverside: Entity:SetPrivateNetworked*(player/recipient filter, key, value)
          • Serverside: Entity:SetPrivateNW* (alias of above)
          • Clientside: Default Entity:GetNetworked* functions.

          Notes: Normal NW vars will overwrite private variables on change.

        • quickReload.lua
        • Description: Adds console commands to reload individual weapons and entities, and other utilities for SENT/SWEP development.
          Install into: shared

          • sent_reload[_cl/_sv] [classname]: Reloads a SENT’s definition from its source.
          • sent_update[_cl/_sv] [classname]: Updates all SENTs of this class with the latest definition.
          • swep_reload[_cl/_sv] [classname]: Reloads a SWEP’s definition from its source.
          • swep_give [classname]: Strips then gives you the SWEP.

          Notes: Edit the HasPrivilege function to change who has access to the console commands.

        • savetable.lua
        • Description: A library for serializing tables into a human readable format (it’s like the TableToKeyValues functions)

          • savetable.WriteTable(table) – Turns a table into a string.
          • savetable.ReadTable(string) – Turns that string back into a table.
          • savetable.RegisterType(type name, tostring function, tovalue function) – Register functions for serialising a data type.

      • Scripts
        • AntiSpam.lua
        • Description: An anti spam script that still allows players to spawn in small bursts.
          Install into: lua/autorun

          • antispam_enabled: 0/1 for disabled/enabled.
          • antispam_cooldelay: the amount a player “cools” each second.
          • antispam_maxlevel: the highest level a player is allowed to reach.
          • antispam_weight_*: the amount added to a players level when this type of entity is spawned.

        • HealthRegen.lua
        • Description: Health regeneration with customisable speed, delay, and max HP.
          Install into: lua/autorun/server/

          • healthregen_enabled: 0/1 for disabled/enabled.
          • healthregen_speed: Speed in health/second to regenerate.
          • healthregen_maxhealth: Max health to regenerate to.
          • healthregen_delay: Delay after taking damage to start regenerating again.

        • Possession.lua
        • Description: Admins can possess other players by saying “!possess”.
          Install into: lua/autorun/
        • chatsounds.lua
        • Description: An example script for creating chat sounds.
          Install into: lua/autorun/server/
        • numpadSets.lua
        • tribes.lua
        • Description: A simple tribes system for Stranded.
          Install into: lua/autorun/

          • !settribe: Set tribe by either name or number.

        • useWeapon.lua
        • Description: Makes weapons have to be used (E) to be picked up.
          Install into: lua/autorun/server/
      • Tools
        • Anti-NoClip
        • Description: Explosives that go off in a certain depth of water.
          Install into: addons/
        • Naval
        • Description: A tool for creating floating mines that will explode on impact or when damaged. Includes 2 extra custom models.
          Install into: addons/

          • sbox_maxnavalmines: Maximum amount of mines per player.

        • Description: A remake of the Stacker tool, based on duplicator code, meaning it will stack anything the duplicator can copy. Also supports presets for saving configurations.
          Install into: addons/

          • sbox_stacknpcs: 0/1 to disable/enable stacking NPCs.
          • sbox_stackweapons: 0/1 to disable/enable stacking weapons.

      • Weapons
        • Combine
        • Description: The combine mortar from HL2 in targetable gun form.
          Install into: addons/
          Notes: Will only fire outdoors, and will not work on some maps.
        • credits go to

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